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Here’s what Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) members say about the Web writing training:


"My year as a SYWON student opened my eyes to writing venues I hadn't considered -- and some I didn't even know existed. The weekly lessons alone were more than worth the subscription fee, and the coaching and additional bonus material were an incomparable value.

"I am a single mom who was barely scraping by when I learned about SYWON. The cost of the program, as modest as it is, represented a huge investment of my resources at the time. From the very first lesson, though, I was able to apply the information Angela shared, and easily made enough money to more than cover the cost. As the lessons progressed, my creativity sparked and I learned how to take my writing projects from inspiration to fruition. SYWON was the mental equivalent of opening a dam -- the ideas now flow with ease, and I start each day with enthusiasm for my work.

"More than anything, this year with Angela's knowledge and influence moved me into an entirely different mindset. I entered SYWON already a strong writer, but one who didn't realize her worth. A year later, I am a confident, prolific writer and a confident entrepreneur. The course changed the way I see myself, and thus, the way present myself to the business world. As a result, the opportunities are now limitless.

"For many years, when my young daughter needed something that wasn't in the budget, it just had to wait. Now, I don't stress about unanticipated expenses. "No problem, kiddo, I'll just write a few extra articles," I tell her. She laughs and responds, "That's what you always say, Mom!" And thanks to Angela, I always will.

"Please be certain that Angela sees these comments, sent with my heartfelt thanks.

"I want to thank you as well, Julia, for the support and encouragement you've provided this past year. You and Angela are a formidable team, and the boost you're giving to Angela's writing students is undoubtedly changing lives around the world.

"As my work takes me in new directions, I will be exploring Angela's other products, certain that they will motivate and educate me as thoroughly as SYWON has done. I recommend SYWON enthusiastically to other writers. Whether you are new to the writing business or a seasoned veteran, you will gain value beyond measure from this course.

Dawn Williams


"It's been five years since I stumbled on her blog, built my own freelancing gig, and quit my day job. I've never been so happy, and I've never made so much money!...I shudder to think what my life would be like if I hadn't encountered her."
Matt Cordes

"Since getting that initial positive feedback [from client projects] I've had enough repeat work coming through to be able to quit my much-hated day job to write full time, so firstly I'd just like to thank you so much for inspiring the confidence in me to go for it!"

Rebecca Smith

"I'm Sooooo Excited, I just had to tell you the news!

"Here's What Happened!

"Following your advice in the SYWON course, and using some of the techniques I've learned, I've just increased the visits to my Article Writer's website by an astonishing 3300% - and get this - in ONLY ONE DAY!

"I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing when I checked my website's Google Analytics stats.

I"t's a good thing I was already sitting down. With almost every website online wanting desperately to increase their traffic and page views, just imagine what I could do with these proven stats on my own website.

"Now I'm planning a short e-book detailing the simple series of steps I took and the results I got. I think it has a good chance to sell quite well, don't you?

"I'm certainly convinced of the high quality of your course materials and programs since I now have purchased and completed several others as well. Anyone who says your programs aren't the best is "full of it". Keep up the great work turning out top notch writers who can command the best rates for virtually anything they write.

"Thanks again for your great tutoring via all your well thought out, practical course materials."

Larry M. Lynch


"I have been a freelance journalist and writer for more than 10 years. (I was a chef for 25 years and wrote all the articles, news releases, etc. for my employers). Two years ago at age 62, I decided to become a self publisher, and have since published three themed cookbooks that are selling in more than 50 gift shops across America and Canada. You can view them on my web site:

"If anyone who loves to write but is afraid they might be too old to start something new, I would say: If I can do it, so can you!

"Thanks again. I am still in the early part of the course, and look forward to receiving the weekly lessons."
Marianne L. Kelly


“This is just a quick note to thank you for your advice. I was contacted by an online publicity company to write a block of 15 articles last week. The completed SEOkeyword-based articles were sent in five days, with another two days for requested edits and additions.

“Now they want a continuing series of articles as fast as I can write them. I set up a blog and added my availability as a blogger / copywriter at the end of each blog post.

“I've also landed a second writing job in as many weeks for an online technical copy writing site after I queried them with links to writing samples on my blog. They offered me a contract within a couple of days. I've just ordered your new Max Profits PLR e-book and will start expanding my services to include PLR articles.

“Since I'm planning to retire next year, building up income as a web content writer will more than boost my income now and keep it at good, steady levels for years to come.

"Thanks again for your excellent, affordable materials that offer solid insight into getting writing gigs no matter where you live.”
Prof. Larry M. Lynch


“I enjoy the course tremendously, I have already started to sell my writing online successfully. This is my best investment ever.Nadina Rosentuler


“Wanted to say, when I started with you I had actually just cancelled my membership with [an outsourcing site] because I was frustrated at spending so much time over 12 months and not getting anything back.

“Since starting with you I have had, and completed 4 jobs, had great feed back on 2, AND am so thrilled because I have just landed a job for an ebook. Cheers and thanks.” Kaye Dennan


"Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) is the best thing I have found anywhere. I am up to lesson 9 and really underway. If I had found this earlier, I would have saved myself a lot of money, time and frustration." - Evelena Hudson


“Thanks for the support and this course - I really like the steps and activities that push me to action and out into the world. I've had a tendency to get caught up with the learning of materials in classes offered by others to the point where I became inactive. By focusing on the activities you have us doing I feel more accomplished, focused and driven. I really appreciate your style!” Irene C.


"I got my PLR page onto my free site and just made my first sale – used the info in lessons 3 and 4... Am expanding my promotions this week, so I expect more sales… Can't wait for the blogging lessons, I've got some ideas for combining PLR and blogging. Thanks, and keep up the excellent info." Jason, Texas, USA


"I was so nervous about doing this. Me? Create a Web site? But I just followed along, and I just got my first order for a package of articles! My customer just contacted me, paid via PayPal, and I just sent him the articles. It was so easy." Twyla, London, UK


"I've been writing for magazines for five years, and I want to tell you how I'm finally making money out of the 300 unsold article proposals I've written. Most proposals are 200 words, I just add 300 words and I've got a great Web article. The SYWON training is fantastic! Needless to say, I've already made back several times what I'll spend on your training, and I'm still in my first month. I'm thrilled Angela – thanks, and keep up the great information." Ed, NZ


"I'm on week 4 of SYWON. Just sharing (and bragging) about this. I've just been hired by a PLR site to provide them with 40 articles a month. Wow! I can't believe it, and nor can my family. After years of trying to write, and selling nothing, I've got a steady writing contract. I admit I'm scared, but I know this is my chance. I'm a stay-at-home mom, and the money is very welcome. Thanks Angela for your inspiration and guidance." Lisa, USA


“Thanks for your great advice on conquering the out-sourcing sites. You won't believe what's happened. I've just signed up with a site to provide 12 ebooks - yes, 12!! Over the next 12 months... at a great rate. Please thank Julia too, for showing me how to fix the writing terms. Now I've got steady work, I can hand in my resignation at my job - you know what's been happening there. I'm glad to finally leave it all behind and WRITE!” Emily H. USA


"Angela Booth is a veteran writer with more than twenty years experience. Through her course she offers advice, detailed how-to information, and inspiration. Plus, Angela makes herself available for personal guidance the entire time you're taking the course. I've taken other courses of hers and any time I have a question or concern, I never have to wait long for a response from Angela, often not even waiting as long as an hour." From
a review of SYWON by Kendy Sproul.

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