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Got questions about Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) training? Here are the answers

Sell Your Writing Online NOW

1. When do I make money - does it take 52 weeks?

A common question has been:
"Can I complete the training faster?"

There’s no reason to hurry how to open an investment with exness social trading. Complete
the training at your own pace.

You don't even need to complete all 52 weeks. You can make a full time income from any one module of the training - writing articles, writing ebooks, offering writing services...

You can make a GREAT full time income just writing articles for example within a month or two - there's immense hunger online for good content from RELIABLE writers.
However, if you do complete the 52 weeks, you'll have a grounding in the myriad of ways you can make money writing on the Web.

For example, in May 2008 a writer approached me who took her Web site offline - it had been online for half a decade. She'd been selling an ebook on the site, and the book wasn't earning enough.

This writer had immense opportunities she couldn't recognize because of her inexperience.

Here are just some of the opportunities she had:

* She could sell ads on her old and valuable site (any domain which has been online for half a decade is highly valuable, no matter how small the site is). Even if she sold just two ads on the site, she'd have made $500 a year - just from those two ads. She could have sold dozens of ads... :-) You can learn more about forex broker exness
creating and selling Web sites in my ebook;

* She could add more content to the site and sell affiliate ebooks from ClickBank. A little effort, to be sure, but huge potential for making a weekly income;

* She could promote her ebook on the site, and sell several copies a week;

* She could sell the site and ebook - if she did that, she could have made five figures in less than a month, just for offering to sell. Established Web sites are worth good money.

SYWON training ensures that you understand HOW to make money writing online - you won’t pass up opportunities. And believe me, there are opportunities you are completely unaware of, and which are easy to take advantage of, as with the writer above.
Why did she take an old established Web site offline when she could have sold it for $25,000 or more? The answer is: she didn’t know what she had.

2. How do I... ? In Lesson 1, the first Articles module

Lessons 1 through 4 in the
training make up the first Articles module, showing you how to make money writing articles online. In Lesson 1, we discuss a couple of sites which purchase artices. Please do not get too focused on these sites: just post an article, and move on to Lesson 2.

In Lesson 1, we want just you to get an idea of how to operate online. Consider these sites training wheels.

In Lesson 2, you move on to out-sourcing sites, and
again, these sites are training wheels.

(Don't get too caught up in these kinds of sites because you won't make much income there.)

In Lesson 3, you'll start
selling articles from your own site - and this has much more of a potential to generate income. You need your own sites - the training shows you how - so that you can develop a sales process selling your own products and services.

(I’ll add more questions as they arise...)

If you’re a subscriber already, please don’t forget to get listed on
ContentBee. It’s free for you. All the information is in Lesson 3.

3. What about guarantees? Am I GUARANTEED to make money with SYWON?

No...there are NO guarantees. We don't know
how prepared anyone is to actually write. Basically it boils down to how much you want to succeed and whether you will actually follow the training and write - nothing works if you don't. :-)

Many writers are using SYWON training and making money. You'll find
SYWON testimonials here.

writers who are members of SYWON here - (all ContentBee writers are SYWON subscribers.)

Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) is NOT a get-rich scheme. It's all up to you. That said, if you know Web writing the rewards are enormous; if anything, we understate the potential.

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