New Web Writing Training Boosts Careers of New and Established Writers

Writers are discovering the money-making power of Web writing with Angela Booth's Sell Your Writing Online NOW training program: they're selling their writing as fast as they can write.

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) August 11, 2008 - When top copywriter Angela Booth created her Web writing training she expected subscriptions to be low initially. However, she was soon amazed at not only at how quickly writers subscribed, but also at how quickly trainees got results.

Angela says: "Writers are traditional souls, and they're wary of writing for the Web because the Web is huge and confusing. So I estimated that it would take at least a couple of years before the Sell Your Writing Online NOW program took off. But I'm thrilled at the rapid response, as well as at the results that writers are getting. Writers are discovering it's easy to make money online with their writing skills."

One subscriber, Larry Lynch quickly reported: "I was contacted by an online publicity company to write a block of 15 articles last week. The completed SEO keyword-based articles were sent in five days, with another two days for requested edits and additions."

Another subscriber, Nadina Rosentuler, said after a couple of weeks: "I have already started to sell my writing online successfully. This is my best investment ever.”

The Sell Your Writing Online NOW training starts with writers writing simple articles. Then, once writers have their "Web legs" and understand a little of how Web writing works, they quickly discover how to set up money making Web sites and blogs, and write ebooks to develop passive income streams.

Getting writers established, and ensuring that their writing makes money for them long term, rather than for others, is important to Angela. She says: "The Web gives writers amazing opportunities with instant publishing that they've never had before. A writer can get an idea, can write a product, and be making money with with that product within a few days. Writers finally have complete control of their writing."

About Sell Your Writing Online NOW

The Sell Your Writing Online NOW training was developed Angela Booth. She's a top copywriter and writing teacher. In the early days of the Web she wrote a book for publisher Allen & Unwin about making money online. She loves writing for the Web and teaching others how to do it. Visit the Sell Your Writing Online NOW site for more information.

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