Web Writing: Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) Announces Enhanced Benefits For Members

Sydney, Australia, September 1, 2008 - Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON), the complete training course in Web writing and making money online, has announced enhanced benefits for its members when they complete the training.

Top copywriter Angela Booth, who wrote the training and coaches writers through it, reports: "I receive wonderful messages from members every day, telling me about their Web writing successes. This is immensely gratifying - to realize that I'm helping others to achieve their dreams of making a great income online. So I've decided to offer enhanced benefits as a thank-you for members."

Angela said that some of the enhanced benefits must remain secret, as a surprise for members.

However, she can announce that once members complete their training, they'll still have access to free support from Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) as long as they need it.

They will also receive a subscription to Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) Magazine, at a a members-only rate.

Launching in early 2009, SYWON Magazine will continue the SYWON tradition of bonus resale rights products. These products are popular with members, because they help them to quickly build up their businesses.

Angela says: "Members love the products. From around Lesson 20 of the SYWON training, members receive resale rights bonus products, which include Web sites. All they need to do is upload the sites, and they can sell the products. One member said that within a couple of weeks he covered his entire SYWON subscription with the sales of a singe bonus product. SYWON Magazine will continue this tradition of helping members to make money online."

To learn more about Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) and the enhanced benefits, contact Angela Booth.

Angela Booth is a top copywriter and writing teacher. She wrote a book for publisher Allen & Unwin about making money online in the early days of the Web, loves writing for the Web, and loves teaching other how to make money online.

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