Slow down: Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) is for your lifetime

Are you rushing through your Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) web writing training?

Please don't. The training is meant to benefit you for a lifetime, not just one year.

As I wrote on the Questions page:

There’s no reason to hurry. Complete the training at your own pace.

You don't even need to complete all 52 weeks. You can make a full time income from any one module of the training - writing articles, writing ebooks, offering writing services...

You can make a GREAT full time income just writing articles for example within a month or two - there's immense hunger online for good content from RELIABLE writers. However, if you do complete the 52 weeks, you'll have a grounding in the myriad of ways you can make money writing on the Web.

So there's no rush. No one's pushing you, least of all me. I want you to build your web writing career at your own pace. You'll find that the training is like a set of building blocks -- you can put the blocks together in many different ways, to suit your current lifestyle.

Julia and I are always ready to help; contact us at any time.

Here's a method of working:

* Make each lesson WORK for you, before you go on to the next. Complete the exercises -- don't worry if you "fall behind";

* When a new lesson arrives, read the new lesson. You'll often find that material in later lessons will help you with what you're currently writing;

* Reread lessons -- you never "know" everything, even when you're practicing it. Something you thought you understood well will take on fresh resonance with new things you're learning, and you'll be able to apply your current knowledge a new, creative way.

Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) is complete web writing training. I know you'll get more value from the course over the months and years of your writing career. The lessons will stand you in good stead. Please make the most of them, that's my one big wish for you. :-)
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