Creating PayPal Buy Now buttons

I’m often asked “how do I add a PayPal By Now button” to my site.

It’s really easy.

Here’s a link to a tutorial I created on adding PayPal Buy Now buttons to your SynthaSite sites.

It’s in PDF format for you to download.

Using Google Page Creator?

As you may know, Google has revamped Page Creator - it's now Google Sites.

You can still edit your Page Creator sites, and add pages to them, however if you want to create a new site, you'll need to use Google Sites.

Alternatively, you can use SynthaSite.

SynthaSite is my favorite of the free "in browser" Web editors, so I've updated Lesson 3 in SYWON to reflect that, with a new step by step bonus in how to get stared with SynthaSite.

Remember, your Page Creator sites are still fine and functional, and you can edit them as needed, you just can't create new sites there.

Tutorial: Synthasite Site Creation

Looking for a way to create Web sites fast (and for free)?

I’ve just started using SynthaSite to create money making Web sites. Here’s a tutorial I wrote on the Fab Freelance Writing Blog.

To date, I’ve always recommended Google Sites for SYWON members, and while I still believe that if you’re not going to host a Web site yourself, Google Sites (formely Google Site Creator) is the way to go, give SynthaSite a try.

Pros - the sites look gorgeous, and they’re simplicity itself to create.

Cons - it’s a small company (although they did recently receive $5 million in funding), so you never know how long sites created on small companies will last.

It’s always best to buy a domain name and get hosting for your primary sites, but for small sites, give SynthaSite a try.
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