Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) can change your life

Are you wondering whether Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) will help you. A year seems a long time. What results can you expect?

Here's one writer's story.

My year as a SYWON student opened my eyes to writing venues I hadn't considered -- and some I didn't even know existed. The weekly lessons alone were more than worth the subscription fee, and the coaching and additional bonus material were an incomparable value.

I am a single mom who was barely scraping by when I learned about SYWON. The cost of the program, as modest as it is, represented a huge investment of my resources at the time. From the very first lesson, though, I was able to apply the information Angela shared, and easily made enough money to more than cover the cost. As the lessons progressed, my creativity sparked and I learned how to take my writing projects from inspiration to fruition. SYWON was the mental equivalent of opening a dam -- the ideas now flow with ease, and I start each day with enthusiasm for my work.

More than anything, this year with Angela's knowledge and influence moved me into an entirely different mindset. I entered SYWON already a strong writer, but one who didn't realize her worth. A year later, I am a confident, prolific writer and a confident entrepreneur. The course changed the way I see myself, and thus, the way present myself to the business world. As a result, the opportunities are now limitless.

For many years, when my young daughter needed something that wasn't in the budget, it just had to wait. Now, I don't stress about unanticipated expenses. "No problem, kiddo, I'll just write a few extra articles," I tell her. She laughs and responds, "That's what you always say, Mom!" And thanks to Angela, I always will.

Please be certain that Angela sees these comments, sent with my heartfelt thanks.

I want to thank you as well, Julia, for the support and encouragement you've provided this past year. You and Angela are a formidable team, and the boost you're giving to Angela's writing students is undoubtedly changing lives around the world.

As my work takes me in new directions, I will be exploring Angela's other products, certain that they will motivate and educate me as thoroughly as SYWON has done. I recommend SYWON enthusiastically to other writers. Whether you are new to the writing business or a seasoned veteran, you will gain value beyond measure from this course.

Dawn Williams

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