Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) bonuses - worth more than the course?

Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) members love the bonuses they receive every month.

As the training progresses and your skills develop (from Lesson 20), your bonuses help you to make money online quickly, because your bonuses are often complete products which come with resale rights, and with Web sites.

Of course the primary intention is teach you Web writing skills, but why not sell your bonuses too? You certainly can - the rights you’re given are always stated very clearly.

If your bonus comes with resale rights and a Web site, all you need to do is upload the site, and start selling your products.

Here’s what a subscriber said: “I’ve been selling the ebook which comes with Lesson 20, and I’ve already made back my complete Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) subscription, just on that one bonus product. Thanks - especially since getting the site online, and starting to sell, took less than an hour.”

So as you pass the first few months of the course, you’ll find that your bonuses help you to MAKE MONEY... Money-making bonuses start with Lesson 20, and from then on, you’ll find that most weeks you’ll get a product you can sell, with a site to help you to sell it.

Enjoy. :-)

Weekly "make money writing" tips

With Fab Freelance Writing Ezine almost two years old, I’ve finally created a new site, just for the ezine.

If you’re a SYWON subscriber, and haven’t subscribed to the ezine, I urge you to do so, you’ll find money-making ideas and tips in each issue, and it’s often information I don’t share anywhere else.

A major reason for creating a site just for the ezine was so that I could add some FAQ pages, and cover questions which many people ask. Usually I’d answer the questions in one of my blogs, but having a site to which I can point you is much more sensible. :-)

Here’s the link to the new site.


Making money online - Money Diviner

Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) is all about making money online from writing.

As you know, if you're a subscriber, it's a HUGE topic.

There's a lot of material we need to cover because there are literally endless ways you can make money online - all based on writing. Therefore, I've created a new "make money online" blog, Money Diviner.

Money Diviner is a complement to SYWON. I urge you to subscribe to the blog. You can do this in one of two ways, either via an email subscription - you get new posts delivered to your inbox as soon as they're published, or via an RSS subscription.

To subscribe via RSS, click the orange RSS button on the top right of the blog, and subscribe in any feed reader.

Of course, you can also just visit the blog to see what's new.

OK - let's get on with it and make money online.:-)

Oh, a little PS here. Many people ask me what's possible as far as making money from writing is concerned. Read Yaro Starak's blog post "Podcast: Interview With Alborz Fallah - A Million Dollar Blogger."

Alborz's story is by no means unusual. You can make a great income online, very fast. You just need to focus, and settle down to actually DO IT.

So, enjoy Money Diviner. I hope it brings you all the success you wish for yourself and your loved ones.

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