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Welcome to version 2.0 of SYWON (Sell Your Writing Online Now)! I'm thrilled to present this program to you. SYWON's trained thousand of Web writers. It's given students the foundation of knowledge, skill and ability for a lifetime of writing, no matter what they choose to write.

I'm proud of this training, because it's taken writers who were complete beginners, and has helped them to become professionals, with their own writing businesses.

Speed: we're traveling fast...

In version 2.0 of SYWON, rather than 12 months, we complete your training in just six months. You'll love it, I'm sure.
SYWON (Sell Your Writing Online Now) 2
Want to get paid to write? There's great money in Web writing. Some Web writers are making $20,000 a month by blogging for a stable of sites. Others are writing articles or ebooks. YOU can make money with online writing too.

Jump on this opportunity. No matter what your level of writing skill, you can:
go from zero to hero

Six months of WEEKLY Money-Making Assignments show you how to make money writing

Angela Booth
Hi Fellow Writer

Online writing is the future of all writing, and there are great writing gigs waiting for ALL writers on the Web.

If you’re completely new to Web writing and Web publishing: welcome! You’ll LOVE the opportunities for making money writing online.

However, writing for the Web is different from writing for print, and some writers can't find well-paying gigs, and they either write for peanuts, or give up.

If you're not making great money writing for the Web you can, once you know what's holding you back.

Perhaps you’re already writing online, but aren’t making enough money... Here are four reasons you're not making money writing for the web

1. You're writing too much for too little money. There are too many low-paying Web sites enticing you to write for pennies;

2. There's too much
competition for great online writing gigs at the outsourcing sites (mainly because bidders think they'll "win" by undercutting each other);

3. You're
wasting time applying for writing jobs and getting no response;

4. The best writing gigs are
never advertised.

The Web is huge and complex.There are also a lot of scammers targeting people who want to make money writing from home.

Therefore, taking advantage of all the great opportunities requires an upgrading of your writing skills. Although there's a lot of information online, discovering what skills you need and how to develop them is impossible when you don't know what those skills are.

How come many writers are making great money and you're not?

Six-figure writers are making $1000 a dollars a day blogging, which is just
one form of profitable Web writing. Other writers are making considerably more than that.

Some Web writers write and sell Web sites, or write and sell ebooks. Some ebook writers are making six figures because of the hunger for information on the Web.

What could you do with $1000 a day? Would it be enough to give up your day job?

Your life would change. Picture the scenario when you write from your home office:

You wake up in the morning with plenty of time to make breakfast and send the rest of the family on their way. After enjoying a second cup of coffee, you get dressed and read your email.

You write an article, and then head off to the mall to shop, and to meet some friends for lunch. There's a new movie you want to see, so you do. Then, you go to the gym for a workout.

After dinner with the family, you head back to your home office to write a couple of Web site pages for a client, and to check how much your latest ebook earned while you were at the movies.

One of the big benefits of writing for the online world is that you can write whenever and wherever you please. Want to take a five-day mini-break to go skiing? Go. You've got the income and freedom to live a great life.

"Sell Your Writing Online Now" (SYWON) 2.0: is a A Comprehensive, Step-by-Step 26-Week Training Program Which Helps You Sell ALL Your Writing Online

I've developed "Sell Your Writing Online Now 2.0" to help you to start making money writing online in 24 hours or less.

Each week, for six months, you'll receive a lesson, with assignments which will build your Web writing expertise and income – you EARN as you learn.

That's 26 lessons, building your writing income from zero to $250 an hour in six months.

In 26 lessons, we'll cover:
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How to make yourself a magnet for profitable writing gigs so that clients come to you;
How to ace the out-sourcing sites – get paid more than other writers, and get more gigs;
How to set up passive income streams which make money for you 24 x 7 x 365;
How to make $4 a word, over and over again – you won't believe how simple this is (keep the secret, once you know it, please);
How to recession-proof your Web writing;
The secrets of the $250-an-hour writers – yes, you can build a $250-an-hour income;
Tips and tricks for writing MORE and writing FAST;
How to your Web writing revenues each and every week.
"Sell Your Writing Online Now 2.0" is presented in a completely new format – as a training program. It’s a writing course with a difference; the emphasis is on making money.

Each week you receive a lesson with a take-action
assignments: you write, and you sell, fast.

You receive just the information you need so you can earn as you learn – the lesson are short, the assignments are easy, and each assignment makes you money.

Week by week, your skills will build, as you discover how Web writing works for professionals. Within a short time, you'll be a
professional Web writer yourself.
One writer's experience after Lesson 1...
"Some quick feedback: Less than one week after signing up for eLance I got my first gig for close to $500! I'm excited for what's to come!"

Katherine Huether

Join thousands of writers who are discovering the "secret" of writing for the Web - unlimited opportunities, limited ONLY by your imagination

I've been writing professionally for well over 30 years, but I'm ENVIOUS of writers starting out today, because making a great living doing what you love is so easy now. Write, and sell -- just about instantly.

Web writing is new to many writers, who are wedded to traditional print markets. Unfortunately, those print markets -- newspapers and magazines -- are going the way of the dodo... or to the Web.

So whether you're a new writer, or an established pro, you must get
Web-savvy. That's where SYWON 2.0 comes in.

You earn as you learn, with this Web training - 26 lessons: start earning TODAY, watch your income increase week by week

Go from zero Web writing income, to earning $250 an hour... Here's what the training covers, month by month - you get four weekly lessons each month, with assignments:
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Month 1. Articles and Blogging
Discover how to make great money writing articles for the Web, both on your own Web sites, and others'... Make from $10 to $200 per article... which takes you half an hour to write, and...

Blogging - become a
pro blogger, and/ or an entrepreneurial blogger. Everything you need to know to get blogging and gain income. You can make $1000 a week, just from blogging.
Month 2. Web sites and Private Label Rights
Create websites, from mini sites, to professional sites. Create a site that sells for five figures in a week; and...

Private Label Rights (PLR) content: create
content that others love, because they can edit it, add to it, and sell it. Many writers are making a great income from PLR content, and you can too.
Month 3. Offer your writing services; create and sell ebooks and reports
You receive four lessons in offering your writing services. We develop your own (free) website, where you'll be offering your own services, and discover how you can promote your site and its services; and...

Write and sell ebooks and reports to develop a
steady income flow.
Month 4. Articles Part 2, and Blogging Part 2
Now you've got three months of Web writing experience, we kick your article proficiency up a notch. Discover how to sell articles to major sites, to build your profile as a writer; and...

Blogging Part 2 -- more on how to
blog for income. Learn the skills and tricks of pro bloggers;
Month 5. Websites Part 2, and ebooks and reports Part 2
This is our second series on creating websites. Create websites for others as a complete businesses. Discover how to create websites you can sell, and...

Ebooks and reports Part 2 -- the second series on
making money with info products. We now cover creating PLR ebooks and reports, and more.
Month 6. Turbo-charged selling online, and selling from your website
Selling products online -- marketing secrets. Discover how to sell by using marketing services like Pay Per Click advertising; and...

Selling from your Web site:
automate your selling processes by setting and achieving income goals. Take a week off, even take months off, while your sites keep earning for you. Test-market new products before you create them.

What you receive as a SYWON (Sell Your Writing Online Now) 2.0 Subscriber

A weekly lesson in downloadable, easy-to-print PDF format with up to ten actionable pages, plus a bonus information product.

The lessons are short, so you'll take action and they build, week by week, into a comprehensive Web Writing Course.

Each lesson gets you achieving and earning, right from your first lesson -- you'll earn while you learn.
Each lesson:
1. Is short and to the point. There's no long-winded theory. Read the lesson in a minute or two, and put it into action;

2. Helps you to
make money. Each lesson includes a money-making, income-producing assignment. Do the assignment; get paid – it's practical;

3. Builds your skills. You'll look at the Web in a whole new way, when you see who's making money, and how they're doing it. The program starts with the basics – with enough juice and power to get experts motivated – then we move on to intermediate and advanced Web writing so you're steaming through
high-value projects;

Shows results. With each week, and each new assignment, your skills will increase. You'll succeed, because you're getting information and building your confidence and competence;

Builds on your success. You'll discover how you can make $250 an hour and more – you'll do it yourself. (You'll be shocked to see that higher-value projects are easier to get than low-paid junk projects because you'll have the skills you need.)

6. Each lesson also includes a
bonus -- sometimes a tutorial, often an ebook of ten to 100 pages, or a video. Over the year, your bonuses give you an encyclopedia of Web writing and money-making knowledge and inspiration.

Remember, each lesson is to the point, and includes an assignment you can do right away.

A new information product each week is included to give you background on the lesson - and build your writing skills

In addition to your lessons, you get an info product with each lesson. Lesson 1's info product is
Easy Article Cash! -- 14 pages to build your article-writing skills and tips to help you to make money writing articles.

Some of the bonus products are amazing -- complete series of videos, 50 to 100 page ebooks -- you'll have everything you need to make a great income... and there's a new exciting bonus each and every week.

Change your life: make great money writing for the Web – write anywhere

Your office is where your laptop is when you write for the Web. I've got friends who're touring Europe this summer and are keeping up with their Web writing gigs.

Another friend has just sold several blogs for a nice chunk of change which paid off her house.

If you'd love to write full-time, from home, this training program is for you. Just do the weekly assignments, and start building skills and income.

Are you ready to get started? If you're ready to kiss your day job good-bye, and enjoy long breakfasts, lunches with your friends, and afternoons with your children, "Sell Your Writing Online Now" makes it possible.

Special bonuses to build your writing career -- enhance your Web presence AND make more money

BONUS: links to your sites and blogs -- a $100 a month value
Links are currency online. Therefore, to help SYWON 2.0 subscribers to get visibility online, I'm giving you a free link from one of my websites and blogs.

This link kick-starts the traffic to your site: you get traffic, and you make sales. Just send me your link when you create your first website in your first month. Full easy instructions on creating your first free site are included.

SYWON (Sell Your Writing Online Now) members love the program

Click here to find out what our members say.

You receive comprehensive training and personal guidance to build a long-lasting, six-figure writing income

Sell Your Writing Online NOW 2.0 training program is comprehensive.

Equivalent training courses cost over $7,200. However, our training set at a price you can afford, even if you're just starting out as a writer. This training will lead you to a six-figure income -- all you need to do is complete the assignments.

Consider: "Sell Your Writing Online Now" is just $97 for six months. This is a total of $582, and it's all you pay. Everything is included; there's nothing else to buy.

Yes, it's just $97 a month -- for training which is at least a $7,200 value, without taking into account the links (an on-going $100 a month value), and the personal guidance. That's the price of a cup of good coffee a day for training which will change your life.

You receive on-going personal guidance from Angela and Julia
Your subscription includes personal guidance from me, and from Julia, my personal assistant. We're always available to help you to get the most from your subscription. (This guidance, when it's compared with my hourly
consultation rate, is worth at least $600 to you.)

Here's what one writer (Robin) said about the personal guidance:
"I sent off a series of questions to Angela. Within about an hour I had a reply which was extremely detailed and very friendly in tone. Since then I have asked for guidance several more times and each time an answer has come back within hours, always very helpful as well as warm and encouraging. My confidence as a writer has grown and I feel I have a new friend who is anxious for me to succeed!"

Extra- special bonus. Make great money writing articles -- in less than seven days

"How to Be a $40 /hr Internet Ghostwriter In Less Than 7 Days": this report contains wonderful, step by step information that anyone can put to use, whether or not you already have writing experience, and start making $1600 a week, in less than seven days.

The information in the report is based on personal experience, and works; I know many writers who got their start Web writing (and quickly left their day job), in exactly this way.

Unadvertised bonuses with EVERY lesson
You'll receive additional bonuses with every lesson. We want you to have everything you need for ongoing success.
Angela Booth
You receive on-going guidance with your training
Need help? You can
ask for any help you need - at any time.

Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.

Enjoy SYWON (Sell Your Writing Online Now) 2.0. It's established many Web writing careers. It can establish yours too.

I wish you all success.


Angela Booth

Contact me. Please let me know of your successes. I love to hear from you. :-)
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